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What Makes Ummah Collective Stand Out

Halal based 100%

Ummah Collective is a Muslim-oriented digital marketing agency that empowers halal-certified and shariah-compliant businesses to boost their sales and thrive in the digital landscape. We also help businesses with products permissible in Islam take their business to new heights with our digital marketing services.

Our personalized attention, innovative solutions, and commitment to the most effective practices make us your strategic ally in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape while staying true to your values.

Ummah Collective

Ummah Collective is a full-service digital marketing agency serving clients in Malaysia and Germany while quickly expanding its services worldwide. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Malaysia, we lead the industry with a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services tailored to meet the unique needs of every business.
We leverage the latest digital marketing strategies to help our clients boost their sales, generate more leads, rank higher on search engines, and reach their target audience to maximize their ROI. Ummah Collective is a digital marketing agency in Malaysia and Germany that is expanding its services worldwide. Our team of seasoned professionals creates compelling campaigns that resonate with the business's target audience. We understand the importance of global reach, and our top-notch services have earned us the reputation of being the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

Branding, websites and digital experiences, crafted with brilliance, love, precision and style.

Attila von Barloewen

CEO & Founder

We Let Our Work Speak For Itself

Throughout our journey, Ummah Collective has been blessed to collaborate with a wide range of clients and venture into various niches and initiatives. Every project has provided us with priceless knowledge and enhanced our abilities, making us grateful for these experiences.

Embark on Your Digital Journey

Digital Product Development Journey

Take Your Business To New Heights With The Power of Digital Marketing Services In The Ummah Collective Way Experience The Difference



  • Increase Visibility
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Organic Traffic Growth

Social Media

  • Engagement Strategies
  • Brand Awareness
  • Targeted Campaigns

Content Marketing

  • Compelling Storytelling
  • Thought Leadership
  • Audience Connection

Data-Driven Analytics

  • Performance Insights
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Continuous Improvement

Meet Our Team.

Ummah Collective has a team of seasoned and skilled professionals who merge European quality standards with a deep understanding of Islamic values. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for digital innovation, we stand ready to elevate your brand in the digital sphere.

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